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A big happy hello from Osnabrück, 

We are excited to present our first Smart Farming Newsletter by agrirouter. From now on you will find good reads, industry news, exciting stories, interesting news from agrirouter and much more everyy month – you can be sure that every single story has been checked and selected for you by specialist journalists. In other words, typical agrirouter quality. 

Why a Smart Farming Newsletter at all? We believe that agriculture today is at a turning point. New technologies are fundamentally changing our everyday lives – a huge opportunity. Holistic solutions instead of simple machines. And the agrirouter is right in the middle of it – connecting unit, equal opportunity and enabler all in one. That is why we see it as our duty to inform you about the future of Smart Farming and to support you with our expertise. No matter if you are a farmer, contractor or simply interested in Smart Farming. Our newsletter will keep you well informed from now on.  

To cut a long story short: this is where you will find all the important industry information. And of course, we are always available for further information or discussions. 

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Your DKE Data Team
What would AI mean for EU agriculture?
Smart farming is in full swing. Artificial intelligence is already being used in many places. At least partially – often without us even being aware of it. But what would a holistic use of artificial intelligence mean for EU agriculture? What is really important and what does it take to make it work for the benefit of all?
Technion researchers develop an automated method for the prediction of crop stress
Water and heat stress threaten our yields - the proceeding climate change sometimes pushes the effects to the extreme. A new method from Israel promises better planning.
Study Shows Precision Agriculture Improves Environmental Stewardship While Increasing Yields
A new study quantifies how widely available precision agriculture technology improves environmental stewardship while providing economic return for farmers. Farmers who use precision agriculture equipment use less to grow more.
French boutique launches ETF to tackle biodiversity destruction
Subjects such as smart farming and sustainability have grown from a niche topic in our industry to a mega-trend. This is also attracting the interest of investors. An investment manager has now launched a fund that is betting on a new strategy to reduce biodiversity footprint of the food and agriculture sector.
Tools for Soil Success in 2021
Give this podcast by a listen and find out which tools will help you make your floor a complete success in 2021.
Revolutionizing Agriculture: How Tech Trends Make Farming Smarter
The future itself is driven by technology, as well as the future of agriculture. Technology is key to addressing acute problems in the global food system. Read all about the latest tech trends and how they are making our agricultural lives easier, more efficient and more sustainable.

agrirouter hosts monthly demo event

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New partnership with Bosch NEVONEX

NEVONEX powered by Bosch is an open and neutral operating system for smart and digital agriculture. The new and intensified partnership with DKE-Data...


DKE-Data supports the EU project ATLAS

The EU research project ATLAS aims to develop an open digital interoperability network for the agricultural sector. In order to be able to exchange...

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